Friday, December 5, 2014

My finished shirt from the summer

I finished my shirt. I am not sure how I feel about it. It doesn't fit quite right and the lattice smocking (although very, very cute) is NOT STRAIGHT. (Whose fault is that?)


This is why I buy clothes at the store instead of making them at home. The last time I bought clothing, I got a t-shirt at Old Navy for $0.97. How can I make something that fits me for $0.97?

(Here is where I get into the ramifications of buying a shirt for $0.97 which, of course, are many. There is the whole worker situation in Bangladesh or wherever, not including the environmental cost of this shirt and the fact that most everyone has dozens of clothes that they are not wearing. I am not much of a shopper, but I do have a number of plain t-shirts that I wear every day. But I try to be conscious of the fact that we need to be careful about the things that we buy and how it impacts the world more broadly. End of rant.)

So I remade the shirt. I got rid of the smocking. I couldn't handle doing that again as I needed to wear it soon.

The Producers
Me and my handsome husband at the wedding.
This is, unfortunately, the best photo of the two of us together.

Anyway, I'm both happy and annoyed. Annoyed that it doesn't fit as well as one that I buy from the store (most notably because I can TRY IT ON FIRST before I buy it). And happy because this sucker is finished and I was able to wear it to my uncle's wedding. (His first wedding; 50 years in the making.)

(As a side note, what do you get for your uncle who is 50 and getting married for the first time? Do you get him a gift? Well, we decided to make him two Angry Birds pinatas. Yes, they were awesome, thank you! Way better than a gift card to The Keg.)

My original Angry Birds bride and groom, his and hers pinatas!
Also, a lot of fun when the bride give a hard whack to the groom piƱata!

I'll stick to quilts, I think. My only goal in making those is to make them flat. If you don't count the pleats! :)

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