Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Epic I-Spy Quilt with Pleated Border

This quilt took me almost two years of work.

Mind you, I wasn't working continuously--I did have to cook and do laundry--but I did work on it a lot.

Each square is hand appliqued on. Each block is fussy-cut. Each border block was pleated. (Have I mentioned that I love pleats?)

I had this little Le Kit box (a pencil box from the 90s) that I put one square in. So when I was out and about with my four kids (only four at the time!*) I would sit on the sidelines and stitch. And stitch. Eventually, there were 24 blocks that each had 16 little hand appliqued squares on them. That's 384 little hand appliqued squares.

 *And now I'm feeling old because my daughter has stared to quilt! You can see what an instructional quilting video from a 5-year-old looks like here! (Don't worry--it's edited and only four minutes long.)

Detail blue pleated borders in I-Spy Quilt

At the Regina Quilt Show, this quilt won Best Use of Colour. (In Canada, we spell "colour" with a "u.") Before this, I would have gladly told you that I had a terrible sense of colour. But then I won this prize, so I had to quit saying this.

Red Pleats and detail of I-Spy quilt
I love colour! And I love pleats! And rainbows! So vote for my little quilt as best in ROYGBIV!

Also, please look at my other entry here for Modern Quilts where I use spray paint (gasp!) on a quilt made of recycled dress shirts!

Thanks for coming by.


Wendy said...

what a fabulous quilt! It looks great and I can't believe you hand appliqued all those squares! We spell colour with a u too.

Vera said...

It really is sort of epic. Well done!

CitricSugar said...

Mini gradients inside of a gradient?? Yes, please!

Great work!

CathyH said...

This is such a fun quilt!!! Anticipate countless hours with kids - and grandkids with this one!

Queenie Believe said...

This is a wonderful quilt, so fun and full of love.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie