Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Alphabet Quilt with a Spray Paint Twist

"The Font Quilt." It is finished and ready for the Regina Quilt Show.

Font quilt with spray paint letters.

It's made with spray paint and old men's dress shirts. And fonts. Lots and lots of fonts!

Now I love fonts. I love the art of them. I love the constraints. I particularly love that they are 100% copyright free. So I can blow them up and print them and use them anyway I choose.

The Font Quilt
I have always felt particularly that I am not much of a sketcher. (I used to say, "Not much of an artist," but I quit saying that some time ago.) Ask me to draw a cat and you will get something with a round body, four legs which may or may not look like a bear. Or a dog. I might add whiskers to give you a better clue.

But I love fonts because I love design. It's like asking a ton of different people to draw a cat, but instead of a cat, you are asking them to draw an "A." And the A must be recognized as an A. Other than that, you are off on your own.

So fonts are fun. Fonts are beautiful. And I am paying my tribute to the font world here with my original design.

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