Sunday, June 8, 2014

Argyle Rag Ruffle Pattern

If you've ever been given a rag quilt, you probably love it!

I know that I am lucky enough to have an aunt who has made special rag quilts for each of my children.

What I also know is that same rag quilt will be dragged around the house, washed, dragged, washed until it is literally... um... rags.

The first part to go is the fringe, the part that was ragged to begin with. How can we give the quilt the same "raggy" look but without losing it after 50 washes?

My answer is a looped rag quilt! On the edge, instead of a 3/4" seam that is snipped, there is a loop that gives that wonderful rag look, but without as much fraying.

Argyle Rag Ruffle quilt with awesome lopped ragged edge for more durability!

And if you have very tactile children (like I do), then the loops are lovely little places to put fingers through as you curl up for a nap.

You can see the pattern and buy it here. The first ten people who buy it and then make a comment on Etsy, will get 50% off their very next pattern purchase!

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