Sunday, June 22, 2014

Regina Quilt Show 2014

The Regina Quilt Show was in May, but I was only able to get things ready for this post now! Time flies when it is finally nice outside.

I came in first in my category for Recycled Quilts! Woo! The prize is just enough to pay for my banquet ticket.

by Lena Schuck;
My first prize quilt: The Font Quilt. It was made out of recycled dress shirts and uses templates and spray paint. I have yet to find someone else who uses spray paint on their quilt!

Unfortunately none of the kid quilts won. :( We had three in a category of seven and not one of them placed. This was quite disappointing because I know who I would have given ribbons to.

But seriously, we were quite surprised by this, especially after seeing the other quilts. The one that came in second place was professionally quilted! By an adult quilter that won a bunch of prizes for her fabulous quilting! Well!

My girl with her jeans and dresses quilt. Also next to her brother's Pea Shooter quilt (the green and purple).
You will notice that we didn't get a ribbon although we are surrounded by then. That one to the right of the photo is just square blocks and quilted by a professional. I'm sure you know what I think!

And then there was the fact that my small children (7, 6 and 4) were up again 13 year olds. I really wonder what information the judges knew because in the children's category, shouldn't age be somewhat of a consideration?

My G with the quilt she made for Felix. The comment by the judge was that she should have picked a darker fabric for the name. I tried to steer her in that direction, but she wouldn't listen to me! :)

Maybe I need to be a judge! I feel like my friend and I spent the vast majority of our time going around and trying to figure out what the judges were seeing--why did this quilt win over that one?

Let's chalk it up to another learning experience.


Blue Girl said...

I agree with you about the quilt in the "children's" category that was quiled by a professional adult!! Huh??!!

Paul Bryant said...

I have enjoyed seeing the children's quilt. I co ordinate a after school sewing club the girls are 9 yrs and up and it such a joy to see them make sewing project, and see the smiles on their faces.
Your family too look like they are enjoying the experience and so good to see the boys take interest.
Keep up the good work.